Tracy and Billy

Our Love Story

Growing up in neighboring towns on Long Island, Tracy and Billy first met during the summer of 2008. Their first interaction was a memorable one at the local carnival, where Billy slid across a wet bench, drying it with his jeans so that Tracy could sit. It was there that they proceeded to connect over cotton candy and a red bull. She was just 15 and he had just turned 17. There was an immediate connection, but the timing wasn't yet perfect.

After a year and a half of texting and flirting, Billy and Tracy finally had their first kiss while she was visiting the University of Wisconsin during his freshman year. Over the year they continued to flirt and made sure to see each other during each of his breaks. When his freshman summer break finally came around, he was excited to go with Tracy to her senior prom. Their romance had officially begun and you could find them attached at the hip that summer. She was 17 and he was 19.

Their incredible summer had come to an end and Tracy was getting ready to begin her freshman year at Vanderbilt, 650 miles and two connecting flights away from Madison, Wisconsin. Even though they were both attending party schools and they hadn’t heard of many, if any, couples that had lasted for four years of long distance in college, they decided to give it a shot anyway.

Four years later, after hundreds of hours of video chats, countless airline miles, a couple of international trips (China/Europe), and many spring breaks and summers apart, they had finally made it through the long distance phase of their relationship. By June 2014 they were both back in NYC and living across the street from each other in Murray Hill. It was in March of 2018, after they had been happily living together for a couple of years, when Billy took Tracy by complete surprise and proposed to her at Jane’s Carousel in Dumbo. They had come full circle, reminiscing over the night they first met 10 years earlier at the local carnival.

After a decade of growing up together, Tracy and Billy can’t wait to finally make it official! They are true soulmates <3
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